Monday 23rd March 2020

Due to the Coronavirus situation, activity in the surgery is very high and we are under considerable strain with 7 staff down (1 doctor, 1 ACP, 2 nursing team, 2 admin / reception and 1 manager). This is a quarter of our workforce.

We need to take the exceptional step of cancelling ALL appointments that have been routinely booked. Please continue not to attend for any booked appointments. If the matter is urgent, then telephone the surgery or get hold of us through our website (NOT Facebook)

We are working hard to change the service we offer to you all.

Please bear with us whilst we do this and we’ll let you know as soon as possible this week.


If people with asthma keep panic ordering inhalers, there won’t be enough to go around. We will not routinely be giving out rescue meds for well asthmatics, unless you become unwell in which case, you will be triaged by one of our clinicians.